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Leavenworth County

What is the Master Food Volunteer Program?

MFV logoThe Kansas Master Food Volunteer (MFV) Program provides a foundation of knowledge to volunteers in the subject areas of food safety, food science, food preparation, and food preservation. The MFV Program allows people with interests in food, cooking, and nutrition to improve their knowledge while sharing their knowledge in their community. 

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Knowledge @ Noon materials




Gluten and Your Guts Health

Gluten and Your Guts Health Recipes


Health Trip-Heartford CT

Fixing Funky Food

Fixing Funky Food Fact Sheet

Tasty Healthy Desserts
Taste of Scandinavia
Taste of Germany
Quick and Tasty Snacks
One Dish Delights
Fabulous Fruit Desserts
Taste of Italy
Super Salads
Taste of Ireland
Cast Iron Cookery
Slow Cooker Magic Recipes
Slow Cooker Safety
Love your Heart with TLC
Altering Recipes for Better Health
Recipe Modification
Comfort Foods Made Healthy
Tasty Spring Greens
30 Minute Dinners
Tasty Frozen Treats
Time for Breakfast
Creative Breads
Cooking for a Crowd
Volunteer Quantity Cooking Safety
Steps for Easier Quantity Food Production
Holiday Favorites Old & New
Healthy Holiday Eating Guide - AHA
Gifts from the Kitchen
Mixing Up Holiday Gifts

Upcoming Events

Knowledge @ Noon programs are held the first Friday of each month from 12-1 pm at the Leavenworth Public Library.