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Leavenworth County

Agent Articles

Leavenworth Times Articles by Chelsi Myer, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent

Feb. 2018 - Set New Goals and Get Active

Feb. 2018 - What is the Keto Diet, and is it Healthy

Feb. 2018 - Radon is a Cancer-Causing Gas

Dec. 2017 - Mindful Tips for the Holidays

Nov. 2017 - Holiday Spending on a Budget

Nov. 2017 - Learn More About Your Healthcare Coverage

Oct. 2017 - When the Power Goes Out

Oct. 2017 - Hoarding can be a Very Serious Condition

Sept. 2017 - How to Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Budget

Sept. 2017 - How to Reconcile Children and Chores

Aug. 2017 - Tips for Eating Breakfast on the Go

Jul. 2017 - Value of Fluids to Our Health

Jun 2017 - Easy Tips for Food Safety in Summer

Jun 2017 - Tips on Preserving Food at Home









Chelsi Myer, FCS Agent

Chelsi Myer, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent