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Leavenworth County

County Extension Council

The local Extension program is guided by the Extension Council comprised of Program Development Committees (PDC) for the four program areas: Agriculture/Natural Resources, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development and Community Development. The members of these committees are elected according to the Kansas Extension Council law.

The Extension Council represents the citizens of Leavenworth County, Kansas. They are the “voice” of the community, giving the agents feedback and guidance on local programs. The Council is made up of business people, community leaders, farmers, home makers, teachers, and others who have an interest in Extension.

If you would be interested in serving on the Extension Council, please contact an Extension staff member or any of the current Council members for more information. You will need to complete the Consent to Nominate form and return it to the Extension Office. Leavenworth County conducts the Extension Council election at the time of the Leavenworth County Fair.

Leavenworth County Extension Council members are:

Agriculture/Natural Resources: Dianna Tuttle; Kevin Cavaili Matt Brewster; Carl Johnson; Jacob Thomas; Dirck Hoagland

Family & Consumer Sciences: Cathy Forge; Mitzi Rezin; Dorothy Klamm; Linda Lobb; Lisa Schmidt; Jennifer Grasela

4-H Youth Development: John Edmonds; Katie Lueck; Austin Reynolds; Katy Langford; Linda Coppola

Community Development: John Bradford; Lana Wiehe; Scarlet Ross; Joy Kromer; Pat Barnhardt

The Extension Council Executive Board provides oversight to the total Extension program. The 9 member board is elected from the 24 member Extension Council.

2020 Extension Council Executive Board:

Dirck Hoagland, Chairman

Austin Reynolds, Vice-Chairman

Dianna Tuttle, Secretary

Jacob Thomas, Treasurer

Board Members: Carl Johnson; Cathy Forge; Linda Lobb; Katie Lueck; Scarlet Ross

Link to Resources for Council and Board Members