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Leavenworth County

Health, Nutrition, and Food Safety

More and more Kansans have the need for accurate information about nutrition and health relationships, about how to prepare quick, easy and nutritious meals, about food safety and quality and about physical activity. Helping Kansans eat more healthfully and increase physical activity can improve their quality of life now and in the future and reduce health care costs.

Nutrition and Health Resources  my plate

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Food Preservation

Choose MyPlate

Let's Move

Leavenworth Farmers Market

The Family Dinner Project


Food Safety Resources

Current Food Recalls

Cupboard Storage Times

Food Safety at the Farmers Market

Ground Beef and Food Safety

National Center for Home Food Preservation

Preserve It Fresh - Preserve It Safe

Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Times


Food Heart


Family & Consumer Sciences Agent