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Leavenworth County

Leavenworth County 4-H Council

Leavenworth County 4-H Council is made up of youth and adult representatives from each community club.  The purpose of Leavenworth County 4-H Council is to support the Leavenworth County 4-H Program.  Council meets every other month.

Next Meeting: 

Monday, May 24th, 2021; 7:00 pm; LVCO Fairgrounds

LVCO 4-H Council Event Scholarship Application

Outstanding Senior Nomination Form


2020-2021 Leavenworth County 4-H Council Officers
President - Jack Habjan - Glenwood 4-H Club
Vice President - Malia Pebley - Basehor Rustlers 4-H Club
Secretary - Cadence Dare - Reno Bobwhites 4-H Club
Treasurer - Mary Habjan - Glenwood 4-H Club
Reporter - Madelyn Lueck - Glenwood 4-H Club



Business Meeting:

The March 2020 monthly County Council 4-H meeting was called to order at 7:02. Pledges lead by jack. No discussion on the minutes. Jaydyn Bollin made the motion to approve the minuets and Madelyn Lueck seconded the motion. 

Agent/Leader Reports- Meetings are now allowed to be held in person. Our May county council meeting will be held in person at the fairgrounds.  Feed Your Spark virtual event is coming up deadline to sign in is Friday 26th. Fair board is discussing fair rules, and planning for a traditional fair this year.

Unfinished Business- none

Broke for committee at: 7:10pm

Returned at 7:55pm

Treasurer’s Report- $25,706.18

Reporter’s Report- Posted on extension website

Committee Reports:

Adult Committee-

Andrea Strick- A few menu items have been removed from the food stands. There are no requirements, only recommendations. Everything will be pre packaged/ pre wrapped. Having a minimum and maximum of people in the food stand. No open drinks and other Covid safe regulations

Brian Habjan- 4-H council will have some kind of camp scholarship, and more details will be announced at a later date.

Youth Committee-

Fair theme- Everything at a fair price- red colors

Outstanding Senior Award- Have it announced at the auction at fair like usual

Fair Activity- Watermelon Feed Contest (Friday at 1 possibly) Younger kid group, older kids, and adult group. Have a sign up with deadline the day before the contest

Backup option if watermelon feed falls through- scavenger hunt (same day)

Bylaws- Typo under article 4. It says on the forth Monday instead of fourth.

New Business: none

Announcements/ Adjournment: Next meeting is May 24th at 7 at the fairgrounds. Jadyn Bollin moved to adjourn the meeting, Samuel Manus seconded and Jack Habjan passed the motion at 8:02 pm.