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4-H Youth Development

clover4-H is a nationwide program led by state land-grant universities in cooperation with local county/district extension councils. In Kansas, 4-H is the largest youth educational program, aside from public schools. Each of the four H's on the clover represent ways youth can grow and develop in 4-H:

Head: critical thinking, problem solving;
Heart: self-discipline, integrity, communication;
Hands: serving others; and
Health: choosing healthy lifestyles.

In 4-H, youth have fun with a purpose!

Regional Day Results 2019 

Project Talks

Caden Guthrie - Happy Helpers - PURPLE
Parker Welsh - Reno Bobwhites - PURPLE

Sr Demos/Illus Talks

Benjamin Manus - Reno Bobwhites - RED

Brett Klamm - Glenwood - RED

Jr Demos/Illus Talks

Madelyn Lueck - Glenwood - RED

Helen Habjan - Glenwood - BLUE

Public Speaking

Jack Habjan - Glenwood - PURPLE

Samuel Manus - Reno Bobwhites - BLUE

Junior Reading

Isaiah Manus - Reno Bobwhites - RED

Vocal Solo

Eliza Brockhoff - Happy Helpers - BLUE

Instrumental Solo

Elijah Jones - Reno Bobwhites - PURPLE

Piano Solo

Virginia Parsons - Livewires - BLUE

Medium Dance

Reno Bobwhites - BLUE


Basehor Rustlers - BLUE

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Kansas 4-H Project Descriptions


The Boling 4-H Club held their regular monthly
meeting on April 8 at the Boling Grange building. 
President Kaitlyn Megee called the meeting to order at 7 PM. 
Flagbearers were Jane Hoins and Allison Murphy. 
There twelve members present and we welcomed new member Courtney Junn. 
Instead of having recreation time, the Club cleanedthe building and washed the windows. 
Carlos Wilson gave a talk on his favorite and famous boxer, Cristian Mijares.
The Club held a successful Hot Dog lunch and Bake Sale on April 6 at
Tractor Supply Company in honor of Clover. 
Members assisted customers and donated money back to TSC for their support of 4-H. 
Our next fundraiser will be another Bake Sale on April 27 at Barnyard Babies. 
This month's birthdays were Barbara Lehman, Teresa Wilson and Celeste Hoins. 
Our next meeting will be May 13
Respectfully submitted for publication
Lorelei Crow
Club Reporter