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Leavenworth County

Events and Activities

Leavenworth County 4-H Council

All meetings 7 pm - Brown Bldg LV CO Fairgrounds

Next Meeting January 28th, 2019

4-H Event Scholarship Application (LV CO 4-H Council)

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 Reno Bobwhites December, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The Reno Bobwhites 4H Club had their monthly meeting on December 6th and their Christmas party on the 8th.  The club officers presented a skit to demonstrate proper parlimentary procedures. Lilly Rhodelander gave a demonstration on making lollipops. Ariel Jacobs gave a demonstration on making filled monkey bread. Jacob Boone reviewed the club constitution with the group.  It was a very informative meeting.  The party was very fun with games, entertainment, food, and a gift exchange. The club also collected over 50 items for the Good Shepherd food pantry as well as gifts for our adopted family.  Our next meeting is 7:30 on January 3d at the 4H building.

Thank you. - Benjamin Manus


LVCO Youth Leaders December, 2018 Meeting Minutes

The Leavenworth County Youth Leaders 4 H club met on December 11th.  4 Hers from across the county baked and packaged over 75 dozen cookies for the Good Shepherd Thrift Store and Food Bank to distribute with their holiday baskets.  The 5 clubs that participated this year were Reno Bobwhites, Happy Helpers, Glenwood, Basehor Rustlers, and Boling.
Thank you to everyone who was able to help! 

The next Youth Leader meeting will be at 6:30 pm on February 21st at the 4H building at the fairgrounds.

Isaiah Manus, Reporter



 Spring show 2019