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Leavenworth County

4-H Fair Book

 Online 4-H FairEntry Here: June 1 - June 30, 2017

Fair Schedule

Food Stand Schedule

Building Watch Schedule

General Rules

Auction Rules

- Superintendent Job Description

4-H FairEntry Guide

FFA Only FairEntry Guide

4-H Bucket Calf

4-H/FFA Beef

4-H/FFA Crops

4-H/FFA Dairy Cattle

4-H/FFA Dairy Goats

4-H/FFA Goat

4-H/FFA Horse
- Horse Identification Certificate
- Equine Vaccination Certification

4-H/FFA Sheep

4-H/FFA Swine


4-H Clothing and Textiles (4-H Fashion Revue under Events below)
- Letter to Clothing Participants

4-H Cloverbuds

4-H Display/Banner

4-H Energy Management

4-H Entomology

4-H Fiber Arts

4-H Foods - Nutrition
- Judges Guide for Foods and Nutrition Exhibits

4-H Foods - Preservation
- Food Safety for Fair Exhibits

4-H Forestry

4-H Geology

4-H Home Environment
- Home Environment Exhibit Summary

4-H Photography
- Photography ID Card

4-H Project Displays

4-H Shooting Sports

4-H SpaceTech (Astronomy, Computer, Robotics, Rocketry, Unmanned Ariel
Systems, Educational Exhibits-Posters, Notebooks and Display Boards)

4-H Visual Arts

4-H Wildlife

4-H Woodwork

4-H/FFA Horticulture
- Exhibiting Fruits and Vegetables
- Preparing Cut Flowers for Exhibit


4-H Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks

4-H Fashion Revue
- Buymanship Record FOR ALL LEVELS
- Cost per Wear Form
- Fashion Review Script Form FOR ALL

4-H Leadership


4-H Cats/Pets
- 4-H Cat Immunization Record

4-H Dog Show
- Kansas 4-H Dog Show Immunization Record

4-H/FFA Poultry

4-H/FFA Rabbits




2018 Date for the Leavenworth County Fair

July 24-28, 2018