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Leavenworth County

Awards and Scholarships

4-H has many opportunities for recognition beyond competitions at fairs and other events.

Club Achievement Awards

Club Seal Application - Updated May 2020

Member Achievement Pins

The member achievement pin recognizes members for successful completion of 4-H work. Applications for each of the nine pins, as well as for the prestigious Key Award, given to the top 1 percent of 4-H’ers across the nation are below.

Member Achievement Plan 1 (4-H Membership Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 2 (Bronze Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 3 (Clover Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 4 (Emerald Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 5 (Silver Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 6 (Silver Guard Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 7 (Leadership Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 8 (Gold Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 9 (Gold Guard Pin)

Kansas 4-H Key Award

Outstanding Senior Nomination Form

About the "I Dare You" Leadership Award

"I Dare You" Leadership Nomination Form

Project Awards

Members may compete to be named a county/district, regional or state winner in a particular project. Members complete a Kansas 4-H Award Portfolio to apply, which is done in August/September each year. More information on this process and the forms you need can be found here.

Record Book Resources

Local Scholarship Opportunities

David Klamm Scholarship Application

        Deadline each year - June 30th

Neuway and Adams Dog Scholarship Application

LVCO 4-H Council Event Scholarship

LVCO 4-H Leadership Scholarship

LVCO 4-H Foundation Scholarships

      - LVCO 4-H Foundation CWF Scholarship Application

Kansas 4-H Scholarships

College-bound 4-H’ers have the opportunity to win scholarships from the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application