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Leavenworth County

Awards and Scholarships

4-H has many opportunities for recognition beyond competitions at fairs and other events.

Club Achievement Awards

Club Seal Application - Updated May 2020

Member Achievement Pins

The member achievement pin recognizes members for successful completion of 4-H work. Applications for each of the nine pins, as well as for the prestigious Key Award, given to the top 1 percent of 4-H’ers across the nation are below.

Member Achievement Plan 1 (4-H Membership Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 2 (Bronze Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 3 (Clover Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 4 (Emerald Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 5 (Silver Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 6 (Silver Guard Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 7 (Leadership Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 8 (Gold Pin)
Member Achievement Plan 9 (Gold Guard Pin)

Kansas 4-H Key Award

Outstanding Senior Nomination Form

About the "I Dare You" Leadership Award

"I Dare You" Leadership Nomination Form

Project Awards

Members may compete to be named a county/district, regional or state winner in a particular project. Members complete a Kansas 4-H Award Portfolio to apply, which is done in August/September each year. More information on this process and the forms you need can be found here.

Record Book Resources

Local Scholarship Opportunities

David Klamm Scholarship Application

Neuway and Adams Dog Scholarship Application

LVCO 4-H Council Event Scholarship

LVCO 4-H Leadership Scholarship

Kansas 4-H Scholarships

College-bound 4-H’ers have the opportunity to win scholarships from the Kansas 4-H Foundation.

Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application